Friday, January 1, 2016

Celebrating 2016 as Classy Local turns 3!

The Classy Local blog turns three as we enter a brand new year.

Hello again to my few but fabulous readers! I hope that the winter holidays were a time of happiness, memory-making, and joy. December was a busy month for us, as my husband and I spent nearly every available moment visiting with friends and family. This naturally leads to another decrease in blogging, but I am so thrilled to be able to share in future posts all of the lessons and ideas that I've appreciated during this time. My husband and I were honored to have the opportunity of hosting family at our home Christmas Day (14 adults and 4 kids!), and despite our cozy (read: tiny) living space, I am really thrilled and happy with how wonderful everything was. In a future post, I plan to break down my newly learned tips on how to host and cook for a major holiday gathering.

Not surprisingly, after all of the excitement and businesses of the long holiday month, Mr. Local and I both came down with rather nasty winter colds-- a sure sign that it's time to take a rest! Fortunately, we recovered enough to enjoy a fantastic party on New Year's Eve at our friends' home, and in a moment we will be leaving to attend a live concert of my husband's favorite band as we celebrate New Year's Day.

After all of these exciting social opportunities, though, I am seriously looking forward to enjoying a few weeks of rest, relaxation, and reflection as we enter a new year. This year, I hope to spend more time writing and less time being stressed-- but looking back on previous resolutions, I noticed that I have a habit of making very similar resolutions nearly every year! In fact, you can review some of my older blog posts on this very same theme. Here are three previous New Year's posts from the blog:

Oh well! I do realize that these new year's resolutions have generally been pretty open-ended and vague, so perhaps creating more measurable, bite-sized resolutions is something that I will reflect on in the coming weeks. However, I do have one simple resolution that I plan to work on this year: I want to improve my posture! I do have generally good posture overall when it comes to standing and walking, but this year I really hope to work on not slouching so much when I sit-- especially when I am dining out or working on my computer! Hopefully, this simple but measurable little change is something that I can solidly improve upon in the coming year.

What new year's resolutions have you made? Are they successful?

The above photo was taken by me (or my husband) at one of the many lovely squares in Savannah, Georgia. I just love the gorgeous trees with their Spanish moss, don't you?

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