Thursday, August 1, 2013

Staying Chic When You're between Sizes: Part 2

Becoming acquainted with a good tailor or seamstress can ensure that you always look fabulous with the perfect fit.

This may be one of the most important, yet under-appreciated, pieces of style advice ever. Once I started writing about this concept for my mini-series on staying chic when you're between sizes, I couldn't stop! The idea of having custom-fitted clothing is so important that it deserves its own post.

The idea of a seamstress or tailor may seem a little old-fashioned, especially now that clothing is so quickly and cheaply made. Many people may think it's easier to just buy a whole new wardrobe once your size changes! While that may sound fun, it's terribly impractical and rather wasteful spending. Even if you can buy a lot of clothes on the cheap, I'm certain the quality of those clothing items are questionable, at best. Also, everyone's body is unique-- while some  people may be fortunate enough to wear clothing immediately off the rack, for the majority of the population, the only way to ensure a truly perfect fit is with custom tailoring.