Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Staying Chic When You're between Sizes: Part 1

In the first of this three-part installment, I offer my tips on looking stylish during times of physical transition.

Thanks to reader request, I've decided to tackle a very tricky and (sometimes sensitive) issue in regard to how to dress when you're between sizes. If your weight often fluctuates, or if you've undergone a major life change (such as having a baby), your sense of style can be thrown out of whack, along with your body and hormones!

Lots of things can make one's weight and size fluctuate. Stress, having a baby, changes to medications, or new dietary or exercise habits can all cause one's size or shape to change, sometimes very drastically! Personally, I tend to be rather affected by the changes of the season, and I usually pack on a few pounds in the winter... though whether that's a result of enjoying heartier cold-weather foods, staying indoors (and on the couch) more, or my animal instinct to hibernate, who's to say? But one thing is certain-- a noticeable change to one's size and body shape can definitely effect one's confidence and sense of style. Here are some tips on how to look your best during these times of physical transition.