Friday, April 26, 2013


Maintaining a well-kept home does not have to be an all-or-nothing chore.

I’ve become enamored with a new word I read on (one of) my inspiration blog(s), How to Be Chic. The author, Fiona, often refers to a part of her daily activities as “pottering” about the house. Apparently, this is an antiquated term meaning to busy oneself with casual housework, or just tidying up the home. This term is very similar to one I heard often growing up, from my mother and grandmother. The German putzen means to clean. I would sometimes hear Mom or Grandma mention how they were just “putzing” around—spending time at home, cleaning up here and there.

I like these words because they indicate a kind of casual attitude toward routine home maintenance. In fact, one online dictionary defines potter (verb) as, “to busy oneself in a desultory though agreeable manner.” Pottering and putzing seem to eliminate the frantic connotations associated with home cleaning. For working professionals who don’t have the luxury of a maid or the time of a full-time hausfrau, home cleaning and maintenance has turned into an all-or-nothing chore. Typically, there is one or several days every month devoted to extensive home cleaning, usually over the course of a precious weekend. During this time, homes are torn apart and sorted through top to bottom. After a day spent making the house sparkle, daily messes then begin to re-accumulate and another marathon cleaning session is scheduled.

European homes generally tend to be a bit smaller than the McMansions of America, which makes it possible to maintain a clean and comfortable home without the same amount of drudgery. I believe that the chic home is one that is comfortable, welcoming, and—like one's personal style—should not require a tremendous amount of effort. I would much rather take care of and enjoy what little I have, than spend time and money agonizing over anything more than what I need. Rather than putting ourselves through the routine torture of a marathon weekend clean, why not steadily work on home tasks, little by little, a la the pottering way?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Packing Tips for a Spring Getaway

Simply put, the most important piece of travel advice is to pack lightly.

I am proudly notorious for travelling light. The challenge of this is to be prepared and have what you need, but nothing more! This is the same mentality that I strive to live in my everyday life—to enjoy my favorite things without the clutter or distraction of anything that I don’t love, use, or need.

Before you start packing for a vacation or a short getaway, determine what kind of suitcase or luggage you want to use. I generally tend to avoid the hassle and delay of checking luggage, so I try to pack everything into a carry-on bag. However, as I learned from my last flight, it’s important to find out what luggage restrictions or requirements your airline has; however, if you’re travelling in your own vehicle, then what kind of luggage you pack is not such an issue. Once you figure out what kind of suitcase(s) you're going to bring, you're ready to get started.