This photo was taken by my husband of me in Galway, Ireland in 2012.
I love traveling.

When I'm on vacation, the clutter of everyday life is abandoned. My suitcase is packed only with my finest things, and I'm prepared --physically and mentally-- to explore new places, try new foods, and learn new things. Every day becomes a celebration and a joyous exploration of culture and experience.

Why can't every day be like that?

Perhaps it can.

The Classy Local is a reminder to bring vacation elegance home to every day life.

This photo was taken by my husband at BWI airport in 2009.
Much has been written (and blogged!) about the chic lifestyle. The idea of living well, and stylishly so, has developed something of a cult following online-- it's nothing new. Although, unfortunately, many Americans (myself included) seem to struggle to enjoy the fine little pleasures that elevate everyday living into an affair of elegance, style, and happiness.

This project is a small reminder to myself, and to my readers, to make the most of your life and to fill every day with taste, class, and beauty-- no matter where you are.

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