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There are so many wonderful and inspiring blogs out there that promote living simply and stylishly! Although many style- and lifestyle-themed blogs focus on products, shopping, and promotions, there is a marvelous niche of content-focused blogs that stay true to writing about personal growth and self-improvement through living a more deliberate and cultured life (not through buying in to the latest trends or miracle fix-all gadgets). Here is where I will post links to some of my favorites. I expect to continue adding annotated links as I discover and rediscover many of these fabulous, chic blogs, so check back every now and then. I also welcome recommendations!

Oh So French

Interestingly enough, this is a blog for the Simon Perele lingerie brand! Fortunately, this blog has very few ads and does not try to push any sales items. Au contraire, it offers practical little beauty and lifestyle tips, about everything from the art of the French before-dinner drink, to embracing one's "imperfections" as an essential element of French cool. The website has a clean layout with well-organized, listed tips that any aspiring Francophile can easily incorporate into everyday life.

How to Be Chic

Fiona's blog is one of the first that I found when I started researching how to cultivate a more European-inspired lifestyle. This blog is filled with practical tips and straight-forward prose that shares the author's own growth and perspective on living a more chic and simple life.

The Daily Connoisseur

This is another great blog that really helped start me on my own blogging journey! The author, Jennifer, began her love affair with European chic after participating in a study abroad program in Paris. Since she first began her blog in 2008, Jennifer has published two books about the lessons that she learned while living in Paris (I highly recommend the first one, Lessons from Madame Chic, and I am looking forward to picking up her newest book, as well). Jennifer's blog now focuses largely on product reviews and giveaways (*frowny face*), but browsing through the archives will reveal a dearth of friendly and inspiring content about lifestyle, etiquette, and making the most of the everyday. If you'd like to skip through the recent promotions and giveaway posts, I suggest jumping in to the archives from 2011 or earlier (here is a fantastic place to start).

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