Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Footwear Style Watch

My opinion on Ugg boots, and what (not) to look for in cold-weather shoes.

My favorite part about fall is the boots. A good pair of knee-high, leather riding boots are definitely a must in any (aspiring) fashionista's wardrobe! Though often more expensive than other shoes, boots are what I consider to be an investment piece-- a nice pair will certainly last through several seasons, and they are an instant way of bringing both class and perhaps a little edge to any outfit. Additionally, boots are warm, which makes them ideal footwear for fall and winter; plus, they look oh-so-lovely with tights! I'm glad that riding boots, and more recently moto (or motorcycle) boots, are currently in vogue. Either the flat or chunky heels on these styles make them comfortable and practical for walking on slippery, leaf-strewn sidewalks. Both riding boots and moto boots fall into my favorites list for being both practical and stylish.

Another popular boot style for the past several seasons are Uggs, or Ugg-style boots. They are (generally) flat, calf-high or ankle-high, suede boots with fleece-lined interiors. Although I've never owned a pair, I do hear that they are extremely warm and comfortable, which partially explains their overwhelming popularity in recent years. Indeed, Ugg boots can be seen everywhere, especially on college campuses, even though they can cost upwards of $200 a pair! Unlike riding or moto boots, which are typically leather (or made from a durable kind of faux leather), Uggs usually have a suede exterior and traditionally come in a neutral tan or off-white color.

A reader recently asked me what my opinion was regarding Ugg boots, and frankly, I consider them a fashion don’t. Mainly, it is because they seem radically over-priced. I have no qualms with paying for high-quality, useful items that will last and last, but I don’t think that Uggs fit into that category.