Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy birthday, Classy Local!

Classy Local turns one!

Before beginning the celebrations of a new year, I would like to recognize the past year as the Classy Local blog celebrates its first year of existence!

For anyone who has ever kept or followed a blog, we know that many tend to peter out after several weeks or months, so one year is quite a milestone for a blog-- especially for this busy blogger!

I started Classy Local after spending quite a bit of time reading my two favorite blogs: How to Be Chic and The Daily Connoisseur. I enjoy these blogs so much because they are inspiring and remind me of my time spent overseas. Whether it is simply because I had been enjoying a leisurely vacation, or because those Europeans really do have things figured out, my time abroad has been a wonderful and powerful experience for me-- not just from the magnificent sights and sounds of Europe, but because of its everyday culture and lifestyle. Reading and writing about these little aspects of everyday living serves as my reminder to live well every day (or as much as I possibly can)!

Most importantly, both of my favorite blogs are very well-written! As someone who teaches writing, I strongly believe that teachers must practice what they preach-- namely, for me, I must be a writer myself if I wish to teach writing successfully. I am glad that for the past year, I have been able to do this in a small but consistent way through my blogging.

Hopefully, I can continue writing and simultaneously cultivating my inner bon vivant for another year or more. Here's to another year of style, celebration, and creativity.

The above photo was taken by me of a room in Dublin Castle in Dublin, Ireland in 2009. It was originally posted on the first Classy Local blog post (ever!), here.


  1. Happy birthday! I can not believe how fast this year has flown by! I was just thinking about writing a blogaversary post for my little blog too. It's a huge accomplishment to keep writing and posting all through the busy year. I always enjoy reading and imagining future European vacations!

  2. Thank you! And happy birthday to T&T! I enjoy living vicariously through reading your baking and crafting adventures-- so cool! I think our pro writing profs would be proud of us.