Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Spring Getaway

A mini-vacation is a great way to refresh your mind and outlook.

After months of cold, dreary, and wet weather here in the mid-Atlantic, many of us are in need of a change of scenery. A short vacation, even a weekend trip, can provide a much-needed break from routine and can refresh one's perspective or outlook.

My husband and I were fortunate to spend last week in sunny Florida. After a brief visit in Boca Raton with our family, we hopped on I-95 and drove north to lovely Vero Beach for a few days. Although the weather was a little too cold for a dip in the ocean, we enjoyed many long walks through the surf and some time by the (heated) pool at our resort.

Being able to physically leave our routines and responsibilities was a great way for us to de-stress and just spend some time relaxing—a perfect tonic for both our physical and mental health. If a week-long vacation is out of the question, even a day away from the worries of everyday life can be beneficial. A day in a park or local cafĂ© with a good book can offer a welcome change of scenery—if only for a few hours.

The time off (from work, blogging, and everything else!) has given me fresh motivation for tackling my everyday activities, as well as some new inspiration for blogging material. I'm looking forward to kick-starting my regular routine with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Won’t you stay tuned for more in this three-part travel series from Classy Local? Coming up:

The above photo was taken by me on my cell phone in March, 2013 of the Atlantic Ocean as seen through the dunes at Vero Beach, Fla.


  1. Jealous! The beach looks so gorgeous in your photo.

    1. Thanks! I'm a little impressed myself, considering that's from an old Samsung cell phone!